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Few more tips on how to save time and money

When you are in need of a car insurance policy you can go online and choose from a variety of car insurance companies (I got mine from One of the key advantages to the Internet is that you can now buy a lot of items online. This saves you both time and money as you do not have to waste your money on gas as you travel from one location to another. You will also save time because you do not have to wait in line for the next insurance agent to help you with your insurance policy.

Going online to buy car insurance is easy as each of the car insurance companies have a website that is easy to navigate. You can fill out the insurance form online and submit it and the insurance company will tell you how much your car insurance premiums will be for the entire year. You can pay your car insurance premiums in one lump sum or you can pay them on a monthly basis.

Another feature that you will notice is that each of the car insurance companies has a FAQ tab that will help you to answer any questions that you have. Most of the car insurance companies will also provide instant online chat so that you can talk to a live insurance agent if you have questions that are of a more difficult nature.

Each car insurance company will provide you with options so that you can choose the best car insurance for your vehicle. Many states require that you have a basic car insurance policy but they do not require that you have collision insurance. Collision insurance costs extra but will cover you if you are the cause of a car accident.

If you decide to choose collision insurance you should be aware that there are a variety of deductibles. A deductible for collision insurance is when you pay a certain amount of money upfront and the insurance company will cover the balance. The higher the deductible the less your collision insurance will cost. For example, you can purchase a policy where you have a low $200 deductible or a higher $1000 deductible.

Buying car insurance online is a pleasure and is easy to do. In fact, it can be quite enjoyable as you sit at your desk with a cup of coffee and decide which insurance policy is best for you.

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Myths and Facts about Credit

Almost everybody is familiar with the term credit but a lot are not familiar with the answers to what credit is. In our world today, it has become a very common word that has a plethora of applications. The term credit can be seen as both elementary and highly important while sadly maintaining a near ambiguous aura.

In the commercial and financial world though, it evokes strong reactions that also transcend into fear and realization of its hold on people’s lives. It is safe to say that most people with any level of financial freedom or power have at one time or another dealt with credit. It is such a fixture nowadays that the modern world is reliant on it and even thrives through its sheer force. It is a known fact that not a lot of people really know what credit is.

Myth 1 – Credit Card companies do not send application forms via mail to people who would not seem to afford the payments.


Credit Card company mailing lists usually run through every type of person regardless of current financial standing. Getting one or not getting one is not a true sign of a person’s credit standing. This is usually due to faulty, lazy or erroneous information gathering as of course, credit card companies would only want to give those who are capable of paying.

Myth 2 – Bankruptcy is a surefire way to remedy credit problems should a person’s debt get very high.


Filing for bankruptcy will never assist anyone with regard to credit. It is more serious than most people think and it is not just a way out. Legally, it is a solid case and becomes placed in public record that usually has ramifications for the duration of a lifetime. It can haunt people who would need to apply for loans or jobs in the future. This is something that people cannot take back or fully expunge and those who have done it have usually regretted doing so in the first place.

Myth 3 – There is the notion that people with credit are able to buy things, services etc. easier than those who do not use it.


People seem to forget that credit is essentially debt and so requires much more trust than payment right away. Cash and hard money should still be viewed as the prime method of acquisition as there are no strings afterwards. Purchasing something outright lessens any future problems regarding that purchase. Nowadays, the power of credit is used for everything but the function of paying upfront should not be ignored. It should be noted that credit does have its main use which is assistance when truly needed.

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Wine and Cheese Pairing Basics

A wine and cheese pairing party is definitely what you need if you want to impress your family and friends on your next special occasion at home. Instead of slaving away in the kitchen preparing dishes, fine wine varietals matched with the perfect cheeses are just as filling and indulgent as well.

If you are planning on setting up a get together with friends, or an intimate dinner date with a loved one, a wine and cheese party should be well considered to make it more special. If you love the idea of wine and cheese pairings, but have no knowledge on how to do this yourself, here are some tips that will help you mix and match wine and cheeses for an undeniably unforgettable eats!

  • Know your cheeses

You will need to identify and group chesses based on their general flavor classification. Here are the four major cheese categories:

  • Hard: Generally stiff cheeses that feature sharp and salty tastes are considered hard. Aged cheeses are also identified as hard cheeses.
  • Bloomy: Creamy, decadent cheeses with soft rinds
  • Fresh: As the name implies, soft cheeses are those made just recently, and are therefore not aged. These are essentially soft, spreadable cheeses that have tangy or mild flavors.

Cheeses differ from each other as their moisture concentrations, texture, flavor, and fat content vary. In general, cheeses that are fresh and have not underwent affinage or aging feature higher water content this making them more creamy and mild in taste.  Aged cheeses on the other hand have low moisture content and bearing only high levels of fat and protein, thus allowing them to boast richness in flavor and intensity.

  • Know your wines

Just like cheeses, wines- both red and white come in a wide variety of flavors. The depth and complexity of wines directly relates to their age too.  For instance, young wines are generally fruitier and livelier. You can immediately taste the fresh aromas of flowers, herbs, and spices that were mixed in the wine. Older wines which have been aged in barrels for example are more put together in that its taste is more solid and bold.  Besides the primary fruity flavor from their grape varieties, aged wines also develop secondary flavors from oak, toast, earth, minerals, oxidation, and umami to name a few.  Just like cheeses, aged wines are stronger and savory than their younger counterparts.

Although there are guidelines on how to perfectly match wine with cheeses, it will all still boil down to your personal preference. Don’t be scared to try matching wine and cheeses that were never before paired. You don’t have to learn all these tips right away as your sense of taste will guide you on which bottle of wine will work beautifully with the cheese you have in the fridge.

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Chivalrous Chow: What Knights Ate to Stay Strong

These days, there are any number of scientific and precisely calculated diets for athletes and other individuals who want to stay muscular and fit. Many of these eating strategies are based off of cutting edge nutrition research, and crunch the numbers in order to provide the optimal balance between necessary vitamins, nutrients, and other compounds. Diets might feature lean chicken, raw vegetables, and almost certainly a battery of supplements and powders.

But eating to encourage strength was less obvious in the medieval era. Knights and other warriors were often left to create their own meal plans out of whatever food was available in the locality at a certain time of year. Creating a good diet involved exercising the ability to balance practicality and nutrition, and needed to furnish enough calories to allow knights to move around in their heavy armor. Some of the foods knights frequently ate include:

  1. Cheese products have always been popular in western countries because they are packed with sugars, fats and proteins. The problem is that milk is hardly portable, as it is voluminous and extremely perishable. Cheese provides a good solution to these problems, as a single wheel of cheese has the nutrition in several gallons of milk and as much longer lasting. It was a common travelling food for knights, kings, and peasants alike.


  1. Bread (1)While most modern athletic diets try to minimize carbohydrate consumption in order to reduce fat development, medieval diets actually incorporated a huge amount of bread and other grains. This is because medieval foods were not nearly as calorically dense as their modern equivalents, so knights had to supplement their diet with extra calories in order to have enough energy to wear heavy armor.


  1. Game

Knights were often travelling, so game was frequently eaten at meals as an extra source of protein. This, in combination with bread and cheese, provided a full meal that was nutritious, portable, and tasty.